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ATM GSS Gas Suppression Systems makes explosive gas rendered ineffective on deployment thus protecting the ATM and its contents...

Multi Gas Protection

Extensive testing against many different types of Hydrocarbon explosive gases. See the ranges protected

ATM Security Accessories

CIT Security Solutions provide a enuque range of ATM Security Accessories thus giving a complete ATM robery and explosive attack protection.

ATM Gas Suppression Systems (GSS)

ATM Gas Protection, ATM Protection, ATM Gas Detection, ATM Gas Suppression, ATM Cash Protection

As criminals find that the easy target are being better secured, Banks are increasingly having attacks on their Automatic Teller Machines in which an explosive gas is used.  Attacks leads into considerable damage more than just the theft of cash
  • Major structural damage
  • ATM downtime
  • ATM Damage
  • Inconvenience and disruption to your banks customers and services
  • Banks reputation and image is adversely effected

The GSS - Gas Suppression Systems from CIT Security Solutions uniquely protects your ATM's Cash and premises together with our range of ATM Security Accessories.  CIT Security Solutions are at the forefront of ATM Gas Attack Protection.

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ATM and building damage.

A copycat criminal is very likely to destroy the ATM, the building and nearby environs, leading to damage (if not total destruction) in the Hundreds of Thousands of dollars, let alone disruption to neighbouring business’s  as well as loss of business. This is not counting the damage to your banks reputation when your customers and staff are faced with an ATM and building which has been destroyed.

ATM theft Prevention and ATM Protection

Attacks on ATMs are on the increase world wide. As these attacks grow, the industry needs to protect not only the cash inside ATMs but to minimise the damage to premises and prevent the risk to customers or staff which is a high priority. The GSS - Gas Suppression Systems from CIT Security Solutions can minimise the affect of  explosive gas attack on your ATM.

ATM Gas Supression

GSS - Gas Suppression Systems suppresses the gas after detection and can render the explosive gas ineffective.

The system can be easily fitted inside the ATM's cabinet and effectively protecting the ATM against an explosive gas attack which helps Protect the ATM, your premises and customers.

The suppression used meets Australian & New Zealand standards for Fire Suppression Systems AS/NZ 4487/1997 using green technology, Ozone friendly and will not harm the environment.

Latest Technology

The GSS - Gas Suppression Systems by CIT Security Solutions uses the latest technology in gas sensing, reliability and only uses proven components which offers the highest level of security in ATM Gas Protection.

Minimal disruption to services on installation

Minimal disruption to your ATM services and customers as the GSS is quick and easy to install in a wide range of ATM environs.  The GSS - Gas Suppression Systems from CIT Security Solutions can support other installed security systems such as bank note dye security systems, video surveillance systems,  vibration and tilt detectors. The  GSS - Gas Suppression Systems can be stand alone or interfaced to high end intrusion systems.

GPU functionality

The GSS - Gas Suppression Systems by CIT Security Solutions and ATM Security Accessories is the ultimate solution for ATM Gas protection and suppression, helping in securing your ATMs against gas attacks.

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